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CROSSTEK corporate video

CROSSTEK Is a global water filtration tech start-up. They came to me with this job after I had produced a podcast episode for them, asking for a video that could help bring their products to a wider market. 

Firekeeper Studios Ad

Firekeeper Studios is a boutique recording studio in Everett, MA specializing in vocal production. Sean (owner and engineer) asked me to produce an Instagram ready ad that would help him reach a new audience and show off the studios work. 

Velan x Hot Wheels

I was hired to work on the Velan Studios x Hot Wheels Collab after producing a few videos Velan Studio's video game "Knockout City." I edited this and other videos were made to show off their new mixed reality game.

Harmonix AUDICA

Working for Harmonix was my first introduction to virtual reality gaming. I was brought on to make mixed reality trailers to show off the tech features of their rhythmic shooter game "AUDICA". Here is an in depth dive on one of their game developers.

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